Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Find a Place for Staying In New York?

zip codes by city
Have you ever thought about how hard it is to find a place, local restaurant, shop or a car rental services office in your country and it’s harder when you are in some other country like United States. But the reality is that in advanced and modern countries finding an address is quite easy as compared to a small and undeveloped country. United States has one of the best zip codes, postal and navigation setup in the world where finding an address is not much difficult.

It’s because I have experienced it by myself. Once I was going to stay in New York for a month and I was wondering how to find a place for rent. So I tried to Google some local places for rent there and fortunately I landed on The home page was showing me all the states of US, as I was going to stay in Alton, New York so I clicked on the New York state button. After that I was taken to a page where I saw the list of all the towns and cities in New York and finding Alton was not much difficult. The zip code of Alton city (14413) was also mentioned under the city name so I clicked it and the next page was full of information about the Alton city, including:
  • Services
  • Real Estate
  • Where to stay
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Groceries and shops
  • Bars and restaurants etc.
I instantly clicked on “where to stay” because I was searching for a place to stay and I found some resources which helped me in finding a place for myself and that’s it. Finding a place in a country like US is not harder any more. You can even find the zip codes by city and you can also find a zip code finder app in the right side bar on the top where you can find any city, state or town by their zip code. Isn’t it cool, visit the site now and find out more exclusive features.

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