Saturday, July 23, 2011

Banner Advertisement – Stop Hiring Online Marketers

banner advertising rates
Do you know what is advertising through banners placed on websites and blogs? Well let me tell you that you can achieve massive traffic and increase your revenue. These banners are positioned on some places of a website where the readers can notice it easily with an increase visibility. People have given it the name of online marketing and advertising and they are saying that banner advertisement is not a good approach for generating traffic and revenue.

But believe me that now a days the banner advertising rates are very reasonable for example you hire a webmaster for around 1000-1500$ per month and what he do is that he keeps on collecting this sum from you forever an in return he gives you a hundred visitors and most of them are fake visitors. On the other hand if you display you banner on other websites which are related to your niche and which have massive traffic on routine, for around 50-300$ per month than you don’t need a webmaster.  You can easily generate traffic with 500-1000$ range monthly more than your webmaster can give you. Isn’t it great?

According to the banner advertising rates in 2010-2011 it has been noticed that banners advertising are increasing day-by-day and now when someone develops a website they leave some places on their website for displaying banners. So my suggestion is that leave hiring useless people for your website and start investing in banner advertisements. You can see the changes in days. 

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