Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Tips for Designing a Perfect Banner Ad

banner advertising rates
After introducing banner ads for websites, the whole functionality of websites changed. Most of the marketing and advertising companies starts engaging in this and they switched from printed ads to web banners ads. The concept of banner advertisement was creative and revolutionary and it boosted like an arrow. The second best thing was the price plan. Banner advertising rates were quite reasonable that everyone start investing in them. Banner advertising rates normally comes in a monthly package, you place your banner for a month and after a month you decide if you are going to extend it to another month or not. Quite a better package isn’t it?

Well today I am going to give you some tips for how to design a perfect banner ad.

1.     The Design: Always design a simple ad; do not try to ad flash effects or changing images in an ad, because readers don’t like flashing and shiny ads. So go for a creative design which reflects your business.
2.      The Magic of Words: Do not stuff you banner with words. Try to use 5-8 words and use large font. Readers do not have time to read stuff written on a banner. Attract them with a few words but an incomplete sentence leaving a mystery and they will click on your banner to find out the mystery.
3.      The Size: Always try to keep the size low for your ad. It should load quickly. Don’t not use heavy images or effects in it. 50-90kb is an acceptable size for a banner.

I hope you like this short article about how to design your banners. I’ll be back with more. 

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