Sunday, July 24, 2011

How Does a Banner Ad Work?

banner advertising rates
Earlier I told you tips for designing a perfect banner, today I am going to tell you about how these banners work. The fact is that when you display your banners on websites they become visible to all those users who visit those websites which have you banners.  Now there are two things:

·         Impressions
·         Clicks-Through

When someone visits a website which has displayed your banner and the person can see your banner but doesn’t click on it … it goes in the impression count. On the other hand when users visits the website and clicks on your banner and visit your website … it goes in the clicks-through count. Now the banner advertising rates for impressions and clicks are different. You can buy 10,000 impressions very cheap as compared to purchasing 10,000 clicks. Most of the people go for impressions because it’s cheap and secondly I have already told you about designing a perfect banner ad so your ad won’t go unnoticed. It has been said that your banner needs to appear 6-8 times in front of a user until he clicks it but there is not guarantee. A user can click on your banner the first time he notice it.
Banner advertising is a great approach for getting higher sales and target traffic. The reason behind why most of the people go for impressions package is that banner advertising rates for impressions are quite reasonable. Sometimes you can get more than a million impressions for just a few bucks. ZipCodeeDo also offers 3 very reasonable packages for banners ads. You can find more details on the official website.

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