Monday, August 1, 2011

Do You Still Login Into Facebook Via Google?

zip codes
There is lots of stuff which we want to find online and we use various resources for it. Most of the times we use Google but don’t you think that why do you visit Google every time? Even I have seen people searching “facebook” in Google and then click on the first result and after that they land on the Facebook homepage where they login into their account. Isn’t it odd? We have made Google so important in our life that we search everything in it … if it’s a female class fellow from 7th grade or if it’s a hot teacher in University. I understand the importance of search engine in our life but things like searching for facebook in Google is odd. People shouldn’t do this thing.

So last week I was with a friend and he was trying to find information about some places in the US like zip codes, maps, geographic information etc and he spent around 4-5 hours in front of his PC to collect all this information zip codes by city, geographical information, local business info and other stuff.. I visited him in the last 10 minutes of his serious research and I got the idea of what he is looking for. So I told him that why don’t you visit another website which is specifically developed just for this purpose to provide all this information instead of searching via Google all the day. I gave him a url and told him to visit this and that it might help. I left his place and after 30 minutes I got his text thanking him for helping him out.
So the basic purpose is that most of the people don’t want to explore the internet. Let me tell you that internet is a very very big network and you can find everything here, even without Googling. Yah sometimes if I need to find how to create an adsense account or how to add widgets to my wordpress blog than it’s not bad to use Google but if you are going to find zip codes of a city and you are Googling it than you are mad. Log on to and you will find everything.

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