Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post Offices in the the USA - A Brief History of Mailing and Shipping.

History of the Post Office and Post Offices in USA
The United States Postal Service or USPS dates back to colonial times when it was created by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia in 1775. The USPS or United States Postal Service is explicitly authorized by the US Constitution. From the time the Postal Department was created in 1792 it has grown to employ close to 700,000 United States Postal Service employees. The Post Office has always tried to simplify mailings and aid in the customers shipping needs. It could range from offering a Mailbox etc or tracking packages. Sometimes Post Offices are simply used as drop off locations. Another helpful tool of the United States Postal System is that they provide a USPS postage price calculator. They should be your first resort when trying to find a Post Office locator to locate another Post Office.

Brief History of Post Office USA Zip Codes
The United States Postal Service operates approximately 37,000 Post Offices in the United States. There are over 40,000 Zip Codes in the United States. A Zip Code refers to the Zonal Improvement Plan. The first digit in a Zip Code will Identify the area of the country that the Zip Code or Post Office with that Zip Code is located Zero, One and Two represent the east coast of the US and then increase in value as you travel West across the US so that Zip Codes for Alaska, California, Washington State and Oregon all start with the number 9. The next two digits represent the sectional center facility and the fourth and fifth digits represent the area of the city. That is the simple explanation about how the United States Postal Service designed the Zip Code or Zonal Improvement Plan in 1963. For an interesting new application and use of Zip Codes, see Zip Code E Do is a social network based on a user's Zip Code.

New Website, a recently launched website, tries to aide users with their shipping needs in order to simplify mailings much as the Post Offices in the United States Postal Service have been doing for centuries. This interesting and useful website provides visitors with many or the services that the USA Post Offices of the United States Postal Service provide. You just don't have to go downtown to get them. Now you can get most of them online at Post Office USA dot net. Post Office USA also provides the information about shipping needs and how to simplify mailings that is provided by the competitors of the USPS. Competitors of the United States Postal Service would include Federal Express or Fed Ex, United Parcel Service of America or UPS and DHL. Another competitor of the USPS is Mail Boxes etc which is actually a division of the UPS Company.

Post Office USA provides a neat Package Tracking tool to be used when tracking packages from USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or DHL and some other shipping couriers. Once you have your tracking code you do not have to jump from the USPS website to the Fed Ex website and then to the UPS website to use each couriers package tracking tool. Post Office USA has a package tracking toll that works for all four and a few others as well.
It is also nice to find a drop-off location nearest you without bouncing from website to website and back. Post Office USA has all the locations of every Post Office in the US. It also provides links to the Fed Ex drop off locations and the UPS drop-off location.
The entire site is organized by Zip Code. A visitor simply clicks on any state and then the Zip Code of the Post Office they are looking for. Instantly all the information , links and tools pop up to provide you with your shipping needs and other ways to simplify mailings like the USPS postage price calculator. It is always nice to know ahead of time what the cost of your shipping and mailings will be. Therefore a USPS postage price calculator is very helpful.

Brief history of UPS, Fed Ex and DHL
The corporate history of the first and largest competitor to the United Postal Service, USPS is the United Parcel Service, UPS whose origins date back to 1907 in the Seattle Washington area. This is where James Casey established the American Messenger Company. Mr. Casey and his partner Claude Ryan established the Merchants Parcel Delivery six years later. In 1919 UPS expanded outside of Seattle. In 1930 UPS expanded to the east coast. Fast forward to the year 2000 and Online tracking requests reach a record high of 6,500,000 in a single day. UPS acquired Mailboxes Etc in 2003. Mailboxes Etc essentially were mini private Post Offices. Together The UPS store and Mailboxes Etc comprise slightly less than 5,000 stores. James Casey could never have imagined. UPS had revenues of $45.3 billion in 2009. United Parcel service, UPS employs 408,000 Worldwide. They have an average of 22.4 million daily. UPS serves 7.9 million customers per day requests for tracking packages. The USA Post Office can certainly learn from the UPS Store brand. Competition has been good for improving the service of the United States Postal Service, USPS

Federal Express or Fed Ex had a rather unique beginning. It all started with a term paper by a young Yale undergraduate Frederick W. Smith. Mr. Smith saw a need for packages to be delivered in one or two days. He realized that the route system for deliveries had to change in a dramatic way in order for this to be possible. As they say on the company website, "Thus, the idea for Federal Express was born: a company that revolutionized global business practices and now defines speed and reliability." Fed Ex is now a tremendous competitor for shipping needs. Fed Ex 2010 revenue is $21.6 billion. They employ 140,000 people and ship approximately 11 million pounds of freight per day. They use 375 airports worldwide. The United States Postal Service has and should continue to learn from Federal Express, Fed Ex.

Combined the UPS and FedEx employ about the same amount of people as the USPS, United States Postal Service, 700,000. Imagine that the USPS does it with a system that was designed over 200 years ago with a network of almost 40,000 Post Offices. It would be interesting to know if the Zip Codes originated by the United States Postal Service are used when Federal Express, Fed Ex and United Parcel Service, UPS are delivering mail to an address whose government run mail is handled by the United States Postal Service or USPS. With these mighty competitors delivering packages side by side with the USPS it is amazing the volume of traffic when compared to the first Post Offices that Benjamin Franklin established back in 1775

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Office USA is a Nifty Tool for Your Shipping Needs

Looking for a Post Office in another town? Would you like to see its location on map? Do you need a Zip Code or Area Code of a town in a nearby state? Look no further than provides a map of all the Post Offices in the U.S and more. Post Office USA provides the street address with the zip code of the post office you are looking for along with a Google map of its location. Post Office USA plainly displays the Area Code and the Zip Code for the Post Office you are searching for. Post Office USA also provides UPS drop off locations and drop off for Mailbox Etc location. You may need this information for domestic shipping and international shipping needs very useful. Post Office USA also provides drop off locations for Fed Ex.
If you are waiting for an international package using UPS, Fed Ex or DHL or a domestic package sent through the USPS from someone else's Post Office and it is being sent through your Post Office to your street address, you will find the free package tracking tool useful. Simply enter your tracking number, whether it is for the USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL or other services, you will be able to find your international or domestic packages whereabouts. Also, also provides a free U .S. Postal rate calculator which allows you to predetermine your shipping costs. Simply enter the package's destination, international or domestic then the Zip Code from where a package is being shipped and the Zip Code to which it is being shipped, enter the date and the type of shipping you want to use. Then decide if you want to use any of the other services offered by the United States Postal service. No more surprises at the Post Office. It doesn't get any better than that!

Monday, September 6, 2010

EZ Pass Holders with NFL Team Logos Score a Touchdown with the Fans!

With the start of Football Season upon us it's time to get all of your fan gear. Some people like pennant for their cars. Others go with the license plate holders. I even see a lot of college decals in all the back windows. We are a nation that likes to dress up our cars for a sporting event. I saw a new one the other day that I thought was creative and new. Ready? EZ Pass Holders with NFL logos on them. I have to say, "I love the look"! is rolling out a line of NFL Officially Licensed E-ZPass holders that offers fans another way to show their fan support. Drivers can now attach their E-ZPass with their team's logo!
Now, has made available all your favorite NFL team's logos as a fun way to keep your EZ Pass attached to your car's windshield. Now instead of that ugly blank spot in your windshield you can have the logo of your choice displayed for everyone outside to see.

Now you can replace that unsightly blank white spot in the middle of your windshield with your EZ Pass Holder from Logo Toll Tags. Don't you want it look a little nicer? Wouldn't you love to have your favorite Pro Football team's logo up there instead? Now that is possible! All you have to do is go to which will take you right to the NFL page on the Logo Toll Tag website.

The toll tag cover acts as an attachment device. A thin film is removed from the logo side of the cover, exposing an adhesive which holds the cover to your windshield. The dual lock (it looks like Velcro) strips holds your E-ZPass transponder in place just as it would to your windshield. also offers Major League Baseball, MLB, NASCAR, National Hockey League, NHL and some NCAA teams as well.
The Logo Toll Tag Covers are New and Fun and add a little pizzazz to that ole jalopy. They're perfect for trips to the stadium. Try one today and be the envy of all those other fans. Be the first to tell your friends where you got yours.

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Zip Code E Do allows Local Business Owners to Reach Local Customer Online

Zip Code E Do, a Local Input company, has created a fantastic new website that allows local business owners, schools and charitable organization to promote their group without charge. Go to, to Register and Post for Free Today!
Local Input, LLC is introducing the beta release of its Geocentric Social Network,! We invite you to visit explore and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Be the first to post a business or event in your town and the nearest towns to raise awareness with the people you are trying to reach. If you don't have an online presence yet, this is a great first step in seeing what the internet can do for you!
If you are like most business owners, head of a local charitable organization or school administrator, you are proud of your group, the service or product that you offer. Many of you know that if you could just get the word out and promote what you have to offer many more people would enjoy and benefit by what you provide or offer. The Business owners would also benefit from the increased business. The Charity would benefit from greater donations to their cause and or participation in their events. The Schools would sponsor greater awareness of the hard work they and the children put in for the Children and Community.
The problem is twofold. The first issue is reaching the right group that would benefit from what you offer; your customers, your patrons, your volunteers and your community. You have to find the group that is interested in what you are doing but wasn't aware of what it was that you offered or they just needed a reminder in order to participate. Zip Code E Do offers local groups a way to get in touch with their customers, donors and community by organizing a website by Zip Code. They offer Local messages to Local participants. Users will only see information from a certain distance from the hometown Zip Code. Currently that is set at a maximum of 15 miles away. This concentrates and focuses your message so that it won't have to compete with others on the other side of the state or country and allows the viewer to only see pertinent information that they can use. The second issue is cost. The cost of marketing and promotion can be prohibitively expensive. Well, Zip Code E Do has solved that issue as well. It's free to post! That's right, NO Cost.
So do not delay! Go immediately to Register and Post some information about your group. It will literally only take a few minutes to register and start posting. Then check back the next day and you should be online with a focused and valuable message that your customers can see!
We also recommend you explore the site and see what else Zip Code E Do has to offer on any of the more than 15 categories, all organized by Zip Code. Go to our sample town of Red Bank, NJ 07701 ( to get an idea of what is possible. If you don't see your category, please suggest it and we will consider it.