Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Find Local Shops and Events in the State Of Montana?

The Montana State Motto is “Gold and Silver” and the Montana State nickname is The Treasure State. Montana is considered as one of the best states in US for visitors. The green landscape, the beautiful mountains, glaciers and the rivers give a reflecting touch to its beauty. Some times its quite hard for tourists and foreigners to find local places, restaurants, bars and local shops and to help these tourists we have implemented a functional website which helps such people to find these places in various states of US. ZipCodeeDo works like a zip code finder, it let you finds small towns, shops, cities by zip codes and you can also find local events in various cities by dates.

When you visit the home page of you will find all the states listed on the page. In order to find information about a state you need to click on a state. I am going to find about the state of Montana. Once you have clicked a state you will see a page like this.

zip codes finder by city in Montana

On the left hand side of this page, you will find the Montana State Flag, the Montana State Bird, the Montana State Flower and a link to all the National Parks in Montana. On the right hand side of the page you will find the Login, Register and Post buttons along with some facts about the State of Montana.  You can register yourself if you want to fully access all the features of the website. In the center you can find the towns and cities of Montana and if you click on a name it will expand and show you the zip codes of the region. I have already clicked on Acton. Now I am going to click on the zip code to find out more about the specific town.

zip codes finder by city in Montana

Now if you notice on the top bar there are categories like Calendar and Tweets, Demographics, groceries and shops, bars and restaurants etc. You can click on the bars and restaurants if you are planning to have fun after having your dinner or if you can’t find the route you can use the Demographics and Stats Tab.

zip codes finder by city in Montana

The best feature which we have added to the site that you can tweet on a town or city page and every can see your tweet. People can communicate via tweeting and it will appear in the tweet stream. We call it Zip-Its. You can use it for a lot of purposes. We have also installed a zip code finder which can help you to find regions by zip codes. Register yourself today and explore the advanced features of ZipCodeEdo.

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