Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alpine – The beautiful Town of Wyoming

Alpine is a beautiful town in the state of Wyoming, United States. The state’s population was recorded 5,326,68 in 2008 with a population density of 5.1 people per square mile. The median value of the homes is around $108,446. James and Madison are the most popular names in the state of Wyoming. The total population of Wyoming town is only 978 and the zip code is 83128.

It’s a great place for visiting in every season. In summers the greenery of the town is so beautiful that it will refresh your mind and in winters one can enjoy skiing on the high peaks of Alpine. During winters the lakes are frozen and the mountains are covered in snow. Tourists love this place even though it’s a small town but still people can find everything available. The state of Wyoming is like a square and its coordinates are 43°9′40″N 111°1′4″W. If you are willing to visit Wyoming or the beautiful town Alpine than you should first read about the demographics, states and other local information. You can find all this information on ZipCodeeDo. It is specifically developed to help those who want to find out information about the states and cities of United States.

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