Thursday, August 4, 2011

Facebook Business Pages Vs Banner Ads

banner advertising rates
Today in the field of internet marketing everyone is struggling hard to get high traffic and click thru rates. Facebook is also playing an important role in this. Facebook is running the banner ads campaigns in a very decent manner trying not to mess up the appearance and user interface with irritating banners. Facebook is offering very reasonable banner advertising rates as compared to others. Sometimes it’s quite difficult for newbie’s and small business owners to run a campaign on Facebook like what sort of banner ad design is suitable?

banner advertising rates
Well let me tell you that the most beneficial way of getting traffic from Facebook is to create a business page and design it beautifully … use iFrames, embed videos, create albums and post regularly. Now the main problem is the number of fans following you. You need to have at least 10,000 fans in order to get handsome traffic from Facebook and for that there are some steps to follow. As earlier I told you that Facebook offers attractive banner advertising rates so if you are willing you can run a campaign for your page in order to increase the likes.

Some people say why waste time on creating page and increasing likes when you can simply place a banner on Facebook and generate handsome amount of traffic. The reason is that for a banner you have to pay daily, weekly or monthly while a business fan page can be created without any cost and you can also increase the number of fans without paying a single penny but it’s going to take some time for that you can use the Facebook campaign, design a beautiful and attractive design for your business page ad and start your campaign. The business page can turn in a life time traffic source for you. Remember that always select the pay per impression package because pay per click is going to cost s lot. Keep the fancy and shiny ads designs to yourself, try to make a simple design with clear text and an attractive logo or image and see the magic.

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