Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Drive Instant Traffic to Your Website?

banner advertising rates
A successful business needs a perfect banner ads campaign to market the products and generate revenue. In reality banner ads play a major role in the success of a business depending on the cost of the banner advertising rates. The main purpose behind displaying banners on a particular website is to achieve targeted traffic and to attract visitors towards your website. Sometimes your website doesn’t achieve the required number of visits that’s why these websites take part in such activities and run those campaigns to attract visitors towards their website.

There are many types of banner ads available like Google Ads, affiliate marketing banner or sometimes you’re just contact a website administrator to display your banner. Always try to search for a website which is relevant to your niche with a good page rank and high amount of daily traffic. Its something which can give you an instant traffic. Google claims that they can give you instant traffic in minute … all you need is having a Google Ads account and setup your campaign.

You can select textual banners and graphic banners and the banner advertising rates for both these types are different. The rates also depend on the position of your banner. For example if you want to display your ad for the search term “steel buildings” on the first page than it can cost you higher instead of placing your banner on the second or third page. Always try to go for reasonable rates, don’t spend your entire budget in the campaign because you might need it for running your campaigns on Bing or Yahoo.

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