Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Zip Codes Targeted Ads are Complicated

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Few weeks ago Facebook implemented a new change in their ads, zip codes ad targeting. Publishers were happy that they can now target their customers more specifically by region and their clicks won’t go wasted and Facebook also promised that this is going to be a very personalized and functional way of targeted ads. They promised that advertisers can now target their customers by zip codes but they didn’t tell anything about targeting too narrowly. For example if you own a restaurant and you want to target the small towns and cities around your location than it’s not possible.

Facebook will tell you something like, “Targeting too narrowly – You must target a larger audience. Your ad is very unlikely to be displayed on the site with the narrow targeting options you have chosen. Please update your targeting selections to widen your audience as indicated by the “Estimated Reach” shown next to your choices”.
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Facebook also told me that my ad will only reach less than 20 people but as a matter of fact the entire population of these locations is more than 30,000 and I cannot believe that out of all these people only 20 people are on Facebook. I don’t know why Facebook is not allowing me to publish my ad or may be its some other reason. I don’t understand, if they told to target customer by zip codes than I think they should just approve my ad.

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