Thursday, September 29, 2011

Region Based Zip Codes Ad Targeting by Yahoo

Targeting specific customers to generate leads and sales is the dream of every advertiser. With the evolution of technology advertisers are now using internet marketing to target region based customers. They follow various techniques and advertisement platforms for their products which let them target customers by zip codes and specific region. Yahoo is also one of the popular platforms when it comes to advertisements; it’s the world’s 3rd most used search engine. Recently we heard that Facebook implemented zip code ads and that advertisers can now target local people by using zip codes but we forgot that Yahoo has introduced that a long time ago.
Back in 2008, Yahoo offered advertisers the ability to target region based ads by zip codes. The functionality behind targeting ads by zip codes is that they analyze the persons IP address and manually submit the user data and after that they serve ads to them which belong to their location.

Yahoo Zip Codes Ads

Zip Code ads by Yahoo
In order to implement the zip code region based ads sign in your yahoo advertiser account and go to Campaigns -> Campaign Settings tab. Now in the drop down menu you will find ZIP/Postal code, select that option and you will be able to create your ads by region based. Once you have selected the Zip code option, you need to provide the list of zip codes list you want to target and it will automatically show you the locations in those zip codes regions. It’s a perfect opportunity for advertisers and users won’t see irritating ads anymore. 

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