Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to Find a Zip Code Using USPS Official Website?

Zip Code finder by Cities
A zip code is a similar code like a postal code and the purpose is the same, to find an address or a location. Zip code is basically a set of numbers and they are assigned to regions, towns, cities and sometimes large locations. The basic purpose of the implementation of zip codes over the postal codes is that that are more accurate and secondly they can also be used online in website or online shopping. While postal codes are used for mail delivery purposes.

Normally zip codes are used for larger regions and geo areas but sometimes huge organizations and TV channels who receive lot of letters and mails they assign a specific zip code to their organization so that their mails do not get mixed with other mails. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to locate zip codes by city or find the code for a specific region. Actually these codes are assigned under the supervision od United States Postal Service (USPS), so the simplest way to find the zip code of a specific region you can use the USPS official website.
Look up a Zip Code in USPS

Once you are in, you can see in the left side bar “Lookup a Zip Code”, click on it and a pop-up will appear but you need to click on “Go to Full page Version”. You will be re-directed to the full page. There you will have 3 options:
  • By Address
  • By Company
  • Cities by Zip Code
Find Zip Codes by Cities
So if you know the zip code, navigate to the 3rd tab and enter the zip code. It will scan the data base and show you all the results.

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