Monday, October 3, 2011

Cdxzipstream – A Useful Add-On for Excell to Find Zip Codes and Calculate Distance

Find Zip Codes and Analyse Demographics

Sometimes we have a computer but not an internet connection, so what are you going to do if you need to find a zip code. We know that internet can find us zip codes by city and all other details but in the absence of internet, Excell can do the job for you. There is an add-on available for Microsoft Excell and its called CDXZipStream which sues some custom based functionality and especially developed to some awesome tasks, like:

  • Grabbing zip codes
  • Calculate radius
  • Calculate the driving time between two locations
  • Demographic analysis.

It can help you find any zip code within the U.S. Postal server database. It actually extracts the data from the local database and provides it to you. You need to read the tutorials before using it because if you are not an advanced user of excel than it will be a bit difficult for you how to use it.

The best feature is that it calculates the distance time while you’re the driving from one point to another. It uses GoogleMaps to calculate these timings. To know more about this useful app, download it now and start using it.

Click Here to download this add-on.

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