Monday, September 6, 2010

EZ Pass Holders with NFL Team Logos Score a Touchdown with the Fans!

With the start of Football Season upon us it's time to get all of your fan gear. Some people like pennant for their cars. Others go with the license plate holders. I even see a lot of college decals in all the back windows. We are a nation that likes to dress up our cars for a sporting event. I saw a new one the other day that I thought was creative and new. Ready? EZ Pass Holders with NFL logos on them. I have to say, "I love the look"! is rolling out a line of NFL Officially Licensed E-ZPass holders that offers fans another way to show their fan support. Drivers can now attach their E-ZPass with their team's logo!
Now, has made available all your favorite NFL team's logos as a fun way to keep your EZ Pass attached to your car's windshield. Now instead of that ugly blank spot in your windshield you can have the logo of your choice displayed for everyone outside to see.

Now you can replace that unsightly blank white spot in the middle of your windshield with your EZ Pass Holder from Logo Toll Tags. Don't you want it look a little nicer? Wouldn't you love to have your favorite Pro Football team's logo up there instead? Now that is possible! All you have to do is go to which will take you right to the NFL page on the Logo Toll Tag website.

The toll tag cover acts as an attachment device. A thin film is removed from the logo side of the cover, exposing an adhesive which holds the cover to your windshield. The dual lock (it looks like Velcro) strips holds your E-ZPass transponder in place just as it would to your windshield. also offers Major League Baseball, MLB, NASCAR, National Hockey League, NHL and some NCAA teams as well.
The Logo Toll Tag Covers are New and Fun and add a little pizzazz to that ole jalopy. They're perfect for trips to the stadium. Try one today and be the envy of all those other fans. Be the first to tell your friends where you got yours.

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